Roger Diver - Certificate of Merit

Roger Diver - Certificate of Merit

Sadly Roger passed away and this was the first Posthumous Certificate of Merit CTC ever issued.

Now that Roger is no longer with us, we realise what a great loss it is to the Eden Valley Section of the CTC, The Tandem Club and to cycling in general. He was an ambassador for cycling, spreading enthusiasm and goodwill as he rode countless thousands of miles in his beloved Cumbria and the Scottish Borders. There is scarcely a cyclist in these areas who did not know him and scarcely a road he didn't know.

He recruited many new members to the Eden Valley CTC Section, always carrying a spare runs list and section membership application form in his saddlebag. He spent a great deal of his spare time promoting cycling and always went out of his way to help anybody who he knew was looking for a particular piece of equipment or needed other help. Roger's approach to people he barely knew was just as warm and open as it was to those he knew well. He was always willing to go to the aid of a cyclist in distress and encourage other people, often less able than himself, to share in his great enjoyment of cycling.

He was a very reliable person who would get involved and organise without needing to be asked twice or be checked up on. Dedicated and dependable, Roger did so much excellent work, but he did it in the background; his efforts were always voluntary and unsung.

We have nothing but happy memories of the times we spent in Roger's company and his untimely passing represents a great loss to all who new him, particularly members of the Eden Valley Section of the CTC and The Tandem Club. He was a kind and thoughtful man, known and loved by his fellow cyclists and will be hugely missed by not only his wife Stephanie, but also by all those cyclists who have had the good fortune to have met him over the years.