Stella and John Macgregor - Certificate of Merit

Stella and John Macgregor - Certificate of Merit

John & Stella have for a number of years organised the CTC New Forest Cycling Week continuing to instil many of the important traditional values that encourage and promote the activity of cycle touring.

The enthusiasm to promote the event that proves so attractive to all cycling groups but in particular families has been outstanding.

Many families continue to return year after year to the New Forest Cycling Week and a measure of its continued success is the number of parents who are returning with their own children and many youngsters have learnt to ride their bikes at this very relaxed family rally.  This is a true testament to the efforts and philosophy behind the week encouraging people to enjoy the countryside and camaraderie offered by sharing such cycling experiences.

As part of the week they arrange a variety of Events that range from visits to the OS factory, Calshot Veldorome, treasure hunts, reliability rides and children’s races coupled with regular club runs.  The relative safety of riding on tracks which was the original attraction way back in the mid seventies has encouraged many to take up the pleasures of group riding with stops arranged at many favourites such as Annie’s tea rooms, the butterfly farm and the famous Thursday ride to the Isle of Wight.  John and Stella have maintained many of the traditional aspects of the week but have introduced new activities in order to carter for modern tastes.

Over recent years Stella and John have been the backbone of the New Forest Cycling Week and their hard work ensuring everyone has been looked after and happy has not gone un-noticed.  Their Co-ordination and liaison with the Forestry Commission, collecting the camp fees and generally acting as a focal point for the week, combined with all their hard work and enthusiasm is never taken for granted and it is with great pleasure that this ‘Certificate of Merit’ is awarded to show the appreciation of the Club.