Shawn Shaw - Certificate of Merit

Shawn Shaw - Certificate of Merit

Shawn has organised a vast number of events that have featured strongly in the Wessex DA calendar including the regular CTC Wessex DA 50mile and 100mile Reliability Rides since 1987.

Organising just one AudaxUK event can be daunting and overwhelming for many, but to have organised four per year takes a certain type of commitment, dedication and diligent organisation. Many of Shawn’s riders became members of the CTC through his continuous pressure for them to join a great cycling organisation.

Shawn has organised 55 AudaxUK events between 300km to 1000km in the last 18 years which have attracted over 1000 entrants.

These events have not only brought great credit to Shawn, but the Wessex DA has also gained from the breadth of main events that it has been able to present each year, and of course from the additional finances that his events have raised year on year.

Shawn’s activities have also resulted in many other cyclists experiencing the Wessex DA region as an area of outstanding beauty, being seen as it should be, from the saddle of one’s bike. Amazingly 79 riders have achieved "Wessex Super Randonneur Series" status (riding 200, 300, 400 & 600km rides in the same year) and thus qualifying for Paris-Brest-Paris!

Shawn is now stepping down from organising AudaxUK rides, and the Wessex DA hopes that he will continue to contribute to life in the DA. Shawn and Jean (Shawn’s wife has provided countless post ride meals over that time) weekends can now and in the future, be spent relaxing and enjoying the rides that his fellow DA colleagues organise.