Peter DuLieu - Certificate of Merit

Peter DuLieu - Certificate of Merit

Peter has been a very active cyclist since joining the CTC in 1997. Whether on or off his bike, he has a character who has proved to be an articulate ambassador for cycling.

Campaigning has been one of his strong points and in particular his capacity to act as the Right to Ride Representative for Wessex DA for a number of years, specifically for the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset sections.

Peter is for ever in discussion one or another district council and is currently debating with Bournemouth Council officers on Castle Lane improvements, with Poole on the New (twin sails) bridge and has only recently arranged meetings with the designers in to try to get a physically separated cycle provision.

Peter is constantly in touch with the Highways Agency to try and get a cycle link to Ferndown from the existing route from Ringwood to Woolsbridge Road and is also involved with Camford Bridge, Wimborne and responding to Poole on the Accessibility Chapter in the LTP. He is still a member of Poole's Cycling Liaison Advisory Group (on which he vets all transport schemes and advise the forum), Secretary to Bournemouth Cycling Forum which was set up last year and a member of the Dorset County Cycling Forum.

So despite being well and truly retired at the young age of 78 his enthusiasm continues to encourage him to lead from the front (he is still the County Rep for Dorset) and pop whenever the voice of cyclists needs to heard. The Wessex DA is extremely grateful for the time and effort that Peter has put into campaigning over the years and are pleased to present him with this Certificate of Merit.