Heather and Ted Beeson - Certificate of Merit

Heather and Ted Beeson - Certificate of Merit

Heather and Ted – themselves the children of cycling parents who were much involved in the earlier history of the DA – have both been riding with us for more than 35 years.

Although encouraged and influenced by their respective parents, they have nevertheless developed their own styles; as well as being consistent supporters of rides and events have made a substantial and noteworthy contribution to the South Bucks DA. 

Their depth of commitment to our organisation should not be underestimated.  A closer look at what they have undertaken shows that much of this has been ‘background’ work, in low-profile jobs, of which not everyone is aware and others may take for granted, but are as important as any in keeping the wheels of the DA running smoothly and promoting the interests of cycling generally. 

Ted, for example, has been a Road Safety representative locally, and more recently a CTC ‘Right to Ride’ rep for a total of over 30 years.  Thirty years.  During this time he was also our DA Treasurer for 14 years.   Between them Ted and Heather looked after Beech Leaf sales, assembly and distribution for even longer.   At present – well, for the last ten years or so – they are custodians of the DA’s modest archive collection. 

Active with the Chiltern Hills Section since their teenage years, both Heather and Ted were soon involved in the running of the section, as – in turn – section Secretary (a job which both have undertaken), hostel-booking secretary, runs secretary … now, in 2005,   Heather is working enthusiastically and conscientiously as – yet again! – section Secretary, Ted as section Treasurer.  They have been particularly attentive to the responsibilities of rides leaders and safety on clubruns. There has been hardly a time when neither has been concerned with running the section, and even then their contribution – leading innovative rides – has been noteworthy. 

Much of the success of past ‘Golden Beeches’ weekends was due to their involvement, and in 2004 the success of the revived Golden Beeches owed much to Ted and Heather.  This year, too, as caterers-in-charge Heather and Ted will be playing an important part in our special autumn weekend.

Heather and Ted are great lovers of the countryside, and – with their keen observation of wildlife and landscape through the changing seasons – transmit this enthusiasm to others with whom they ride, helping us to a deeper appreciation of our surroundings. 

Both Ted and Heather show a thoughtful concern for the wellbeing of their cycling friends and fellow CTC members.   If they agree to do a job, they do it well: quietly and carefully, with admirable thoroughness and attention to detail.   They have set a high standard in reliability, both as individuals and as a husband-and-wife team.