Jack V Harrison

Jack V Harrison

This Certificate is presented to Jack V. Harrison as a token of his loyal services as Treasurer of the Burnley and Pendle Section for 50 continuous years.

He has been an active member of the Section since joining the CTC in 1946 when he was 15.

Jack has always enjoyed all aspects of cycling including touring and racing.  He is also a member of Nelson Wheelers, a Club with close connections with CTC with whom he raced.  Jack has held their Club records for 100 mile and 12 hour events and has been Club champion on more than one occasion.  He still holds their record for Nelson to Kendal and back in 4h. 39m. 47s.

Throughout this period Jack has been a regular attender on Club rides and has served as Runs Organiser for the longer rides for the last seven years.

His dedication and gentlemanly manner is without equal.