Jonathan Naughton

Jonathan Naughton

Jonathan Naughton


As a Cycling UK member from 17 years old in 1980, to today, Cycling UK has accompanied cycling as a core element through my life: a place from which I gain perspective in my career in land use & transport. I therefore see Cycling UK as the ‘go to’ place for cyclists; from assisting young people with value for money independent advice, in an otherwise monetised world, through a lifecycle of cycling.

My initial motivation was cycle camping; the independence and appeal of carrying just what you need in an environment you are at one with. This extends to the people you meet and the tea rooms and as was, transport cafes. I see cycling as the human scale testing of our highways and byways and of our towns and villages, ‘designed’ as they were; pre-combustion engine. Road and car width is both a personal and professional obsession - as evidenced by phrases like ‘Oi, get over!

As a tandem club member with children, trailer bike and camping gear this gave an extreme cycle camping perspective; particularly on rail provision! I cycle camped LEJOG in 2011 with my wife. I am a laid back Audaxer but rode 200 miles in a 15 hour day in 2014 (not my norm!)

I was a Trustee of Birmingham Settlement, for eight years, which runs 20+ charitable enterprises and initiated National Debtline. It has 20+ funding sources, from Local Authority, grants and donations.

My attendance at the recent AGM has reinforced my thought that I could be helpful in unifying the strategies, budgets and people at the heart of Cycling UK. I would be unafraid to work through areas that are seen as problems.

Cycling is ‘the new golf’ and Cycling UK need to ensure its traditions are recognised by the monied cyclists who could ‘put something back’, be confident that it houses cycling’s foundations and maintain a clear menu of membership costs and services. As a member of the LCC I am amazed at the lack of awareness of Cycling UK among those who share our aims.

Cycling UK can maintain uncluttered value for money advice on minimum cost per mile and max ease of cycling. Its databases (the core of any efficient organisation) could drive user specific technical advice and route information and be leveraged into assisting the greatest number of people at the minimum cost.  

As a Chartered Surveyor, I have chaired our Policy Panel on Land Use & Infrastructure since 2006 and critiqued governance reviews. My business is Urban Futures . On parking, work includes the impacts of the law and design that prioritises the customer over the car. I am promoting Garden Cities which includes liaison with various arms of Government, 20 minutes’ walk from our offices in SE1. Ufumisms ‘a business plan for town centres’ is our and Urban Movements’ initiative that seeks to unify local authority and private expenditure across the public realm within a people focussed plan for town centres.