Mille Miglia

Mille Miglia

Sadly, the Mille Miglia will not be making a return for the 2018 Tourist Competition. If you would like to see it included in future Tourist Competitions, let us know via email at

As part of the Tourist Competition you can also purchase engraved medals for completing total distances of 3000 km (Gold), 2000 km (Silver), or 1000 km (Bronze).

The Mille Miglia Challenge awards riders in Tourist Competition events according to the total distance ridden over the season:

  • 250 km - Certificate (U12 juniors only)
  • 500 km - Certificate
  • 1000 km - Certificate and Bronze medallion
  • 2000 km - Certificate and Silver medallion
  • 3000 km - Certificate and Gold medallion

Certificates are given to all riders who qualify as above. Medallions are available for purchase.

Points for the main Tourist Competition will continue to accumulate in the usual way, and the certificate for completing 10 events will also be presented as usual.


  1. All Tourist Competition events will count, with the exception of those in category (e) - see Tourist Competition Rules in the sidebar. 
  2. There is no limit to the number of events you may ride. There are over 300 qualifying rides on more than 70 different days in the programme.
  3. You do not have to decide at the beginning of the season which award you are aiming for. Just keep riding the events, and your distances will be recorded automatically.
  4. For the purposes of calculation, an event will be assumed to be the exact distance quoted in the event description (for example, a 100 mile ride will be taken as 100 miles exactly).
  5. As a guide to converting between miles and kilometers, remember that 100 km is about 62 miles, and 100 miles is about 161 km.