Fast Tracker Award Pre-course Information

Fast Tracker gives you a choice of routes

Fast Tracker Award Pre-course Information

You need to complete a number of pre-course questions prior to your Fast Tracker Leader Award. Before your course, please think about the following questions. Print this out, note your answers in the boxes, and bring to your course.

Alternatively, you can print out these questions from the link at the bottom of this page.


  1. A leader has many roles to fulfil when leading mountain bike groups. See if you can name six.





















  1. What map might you use for navigating your way around a ride in preparation for taking a mountain bike group out?





  1. Have you got the map of the area around the course venue (see your pre-course information or the venue pages for the location)?  If you have, please bring it with you.


  1. What equipment would you take with you when leading a group of mountain bikers?










  1. Imagine taking a mountain bike group down the road that you live on, and turning right at the junction at the end.  How would you do it safely?











  1. Can you think of a game to undertake prior to a ride with a group that will enhance their abilities as well as warm them up?










Please also:

  • Make sure that your logbook or history of personal and led rides is up to date and that you bring it with you.  You can use the format of the Cycling UK logbook (see the download at the course resources page) or your own format, but it does need to include the same level of information – routes and topographical maps showing routes used, group types, conditions, dates.
  • Bring copies of all the relevant mountain bike leader qualification certificates that you hold.