Zero stars for Eurostar

Zero stars for Eurostar

We're giving "Zero stars for Eurostar" as they seek to make cycle-carriage even more difficult.

From the 01 November 2015 Eurostar’s policy on cycle carriage was scheduled to change for the worse.

Cyclists previously could take a complete bicycle on board for a £30 fee. However, citing a lack of space, cyclists are to become third-class passengers in the eyes of Eurostar, and no longer will it be possible to take a complete cycle on Eurostar services.

Instead it will have to be bagged or boxed, requiring disassembly.

This is extremely disappointing especially as the current system is already far from ideal – it’s complicated to book, expensive and not promoted. Moreover, the changes make cycle-rail integration even more difficult, especially for the new cyclist or those who use their cycle as a mobility aid.

It is a massive step backwards for a company that claims always to be “at the cutting edge of innovation in our industry” and a supporter of sustainable travel through the Ashden Awards. It also begs the question, what next – a full ban on cyclists and their wheels?

Cyclists should be treated equally.  We understand that there is a limited space for baggage on the trains but it should be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. 

We're calling on our supporters to make their frustration known to Eurostar through our online action which you can access below. It's a tri-lingual campaign in English, French and Dutch to reflect that cyclists across Europe will be affected. 

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