New Vision for Cycling

New Vision for Cycling

A doubling of cycling use in 10 years, coupled with a halving the in risks of cycling, would generate economic benefits of £3.5 billion and save 600,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide annually.

CTC's "New Vision for Cycling" (2MB PDF) is a call on Government and local authorities to aim for substantial increase in cycling and reductions in the risk of cycling.

"New Vision for Cycling" provides some headline facts and figures on the economic, health, environmental and other benefits of cycling (n.b. there is also a referenced version available - 55KB Word doc).

It also summarises the key issues to be addressed in any national or local strategy to maximise these benefits:

  1. Commitment to cycling - the public sector must recognise the benefits of cycling and implement policies aimed at increasing levels of cycling.
  2. Cycle friendly planning and design - providing safe, attractive cycling conditions on and off the road network.
  3. Safe drivers and vehicles - creating environments that both are and feel safer through enforced and enhanced traffic law, lower speed limits and better training for all road users.
  4. Joined-up public transport that genuinely welcomes cyclists - allowing access to and from interchanges, cycle parking and adequate space on board public transport vehicles.
  5. Promotion, encouragement and incentives to cycle - promoting cycling positively through workplaces, schools or other organisations, through fiscal incentives to make cycling cheaper.
  6. Better opportunities for recreational and off-road cycling - more cycling routes in rural and urban green spaces must be opened up and promoted.