Cycling UK Scotland 2017 AGM appoints new Chair and Committee

A packed Cycling UK Scotland 2017 AGM in Glasgow
Cycling UK Scotland AGM attendees
Cycling UK Scotland AGM attendees

Cycling UK Scotland 2017 AGM appoints new Chair and Committee

Cycling UK Scotland and members met in Glasgow on Saturday 18 November for a packed event. With over 70 people in attendance, Lizzie Reather was appointed the new Chair of the Cycling UK Scotland Committee, and four new committee members were also welcomed.

At the AGM, Paul Timms, the previous Chair of Cycling UK Scotland, stood down from the role which he has held since 2013. His hard work and dedication were noted by the committee, and thanks were passed on to him for the positive impact he has made to cycling over the last four years.

Lizzie Reather was appointed the new Chair; she comes to Cycling UK Scotland as an experienced cycle campaigner and previous Chair of Leeds Cycle Campaign. She is an ex-council member of CTC and has been a member of the Cycling UK Scotland Committee for the last year. We look forward to working with her as Chair, as her knowledge of planning, strategy and governance is excellent. She lives in Glasgow. 

The committee also welcomed four new members - Yann Maidmant, Peter Robertson, Stuart Sutherland and Barbara Kerr. The full committee is as follows:

  • Lizzie Reather (Chair) 
  • Gary Cummins (Vice Chair)
  • Donald Urquhart (Secretary) - 
  • Jenny Maclean (Treasurer)
  • Claire Connachan (Communications Secretary) -
  • Ron Dalton
  • John Donnelly 
  • Peter Hawkins
  • Dave Holliday
  • Martin Jamieson
  • Barbara Kerr 
  • Yann Maidmant
  • Peter Robertson
  • Stuart Sutherland
  • Paul Timms

It's fantastic that we have a complete and diverse Cycling UK Scotland Committee to help inspire, promote and protect cycling in Scotland.  We hope we can provide a powerful voice for cycling through our volunteering efforts both locally and nationally.

Attendees at the infrastructure safari

Before formal AGM proceedings, attendees enjoyed an infrastructure cycle safari around Glasgow led by Lizzie, and a 12 mile sightseeing loop led by Martin from Cycling UK Glasgow. 

The Cycling UK Scotland Committee was also delighted to welcome Dan Howard, Chair of Cycling UK, to the day. He gave a short presentation and took questions from the audience, which included closer partnership working with other organisations, ensuring that the devolved nations are represented within Cycling UK and that strategies are put in place to help grow cycling in Scotland.

After a quick lunch, everyone enjoyed a keynote talk from the Guardian's political journalist and founder of the Bike Blog Peter Walker, who was signing his book called "Bike Nation: How Cycling Can Save The World". Peter discussed the many benefits of utility cycling for public health, air quality, sustainability and equalities.

Member group Cycle Ayrshire and community cycle clubs Cycle to Health Inverness and Biker Buddies also gave short presentations to showcase some of the work happening around Scotland through the Cycling UK network. 

Suzanne Forup, Head of Development for Scotland gave a quick rundown of activities across Scotland in the last year, while Lizzie discussed the opportunities for consultations across Scotland and how volunteers are needed to help. 

The committee wishes to thank everyone who attended the day. Draft minutes will soon be made available and sent to members in Scotland.  

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