Bike Week Challenges

Test yourself this Bike Week and take on some of our challenges. We want to encourage you to push yourself and try something new, or maybe just use it as inspiration to remind you or others about the different ways cycling can be fun. Maybe take on 7 different activities over the 7 days, and make it your own #7daysofcycling challenge?

Filter the challenges by type to find out how you can get involved with Bike Week, and of course feel free to make up your own too. Share your progress and join the conversation on social media using #BikeWeekUK and #7DaysofCycling.

Go Big
Virtual distance challenge
Set a distance goal for the week
Pop a wheelie
Get your front wheel off the ground
Water bottle challenge
Practice drinking while on the go
Bikepacking in Bike Week
Go bikepacking
Stay overnight and try wild camping
Cycling treasure hunt
Treasure hunt
Can you solve all the clues?
Biggest bike ride
Go Big
Longest ever ride
Take on a big challenge
Children cycling
Find a steep hill
Test your legs
Find a cycling group
Join a cycling group
Riding with a local group has loads of benefits
Can you hold your balance on the bike?
Cycle with friends
Take a friend for a ride
Encourage a new rider
British Cycle Quest
British Cycle Quest
The checkpoint challenge for cycle tourists
In and out
Challenge your handling skills
Winchester cathedral cycling
Historic adventure
See some amazing pieces of history by bike
cycle one hundred miles
Go Big
100 miles
Ride a century
Test your speed
Create your own race track
Organised fun
Sign up for a sportive
Ramp up
Build yourself a jump
Go Big
Conquer the hills
Maximum elevation gain in one ride
Ride somewhere new
Explore by bike
Fix a puncture
Essential skill for all cyclists
Date night
Catch the sunset by bike
Figure of 8
Can you keep riding on the line?
Straight and narrow
Test your balance while riding
Coast to coast cycling
Go Big
Coast to coast
Epic riding on scenic routes
Nature spotting trail
Get close to your environment by going on a nature trail
Tuck in tight
Learn how to draft
Cycling picnic
Picnic from the saddle
Splashing around
Create an aqua course
Go Big
Find your Everest
Climb the highest peak
Bikepacking joy
Head further afield
Try a multi-day bike ride
Go Big
Cathedrals Cycle Route challenge
2000 mile long challenge route
CCR cathedral discovery
Ride to a cathedral as part of the CCR challenge
ABCD Bikeability challenge
Check your bike is safe to ride