Women's chat show for beginner cyclists

Cycling UK continues to support the UK to cycle
This remains true during this difficult period with the ongoing threat of coronavirus Covid-19
Our panel includes Charline Jones, Delaney Watkins and Caz Nicklin.
Women's Chat Show for Cyclists panel
Women's Chat Show for Cyclists panel
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Women's chat show for beginner cyclists

Cycling UK's Women's chat show for beginner cyclists begins in a week's time, watch the chat on Facebook live as our panel of cycling guests to help those who are re-discovering cycling. Cycling UK's Anna Glowinski explains more about the social media event that promises 'Bants, bicycles and bing female'.

Women make up 50% of the population and yet cycle a quarter of the miles of men. As part of our commitment over many years to bridge the gender gap in the cycling population, Cycling UK is bringing together a panel of expert female cyclists to talk you through the basics of kit, fitness, mechanics, and road safety - as well as advice for cycling through lockdown.

This is a place where you can find out all the information you need to help you start cycling, and ask all those questions you weren't sure who to ask. 

So, what can you expect? Tune in to our Facebook live sessions to enjoy a lively chat with women who will be sharing their experiences, stories and tips. These sessions are aimed at beginner cyclists who want to pick up enough information that they can get on a bike - we'll take you out the door and back again safely, easily and enjoyably.

Each week the series will delve deeper into more specific topics and we'll be taking questions from you, the audience. The great news is that as well as live streaming on our public Facebook page, it will also be available in a safe space in our Women in Cycling private group so you are free to ask any of those silly questions you weren't sure you could ask! 

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Friday 29 May, 13:00 - Starting cycling

The first session will focus on starting out. What was your first bike (and what to look for?) What kit mistakes do you need to avoid? How do you avoid sore legs and sore bums?

Our experts will advise on what sort of bike you might use to get started, which clothing and other bits to invest in, and why starting cycling in lock down could be the best time to do it for your mind and your body. 

Experts: Fran Whyte, Caz Niklin, Delaney Assos, Jenny Box, Charline Jones

Friday 05 June, 13:00 - Cycle commuting for beginners 

Find out all you need to know about cycling to work. Our experts will discuss their personal experiences of cycling to work, so that if you are getting on a bike for the first time or considering switching your commute, you'll have all the information you need to get to work on time and ready to start the day right.

We'll bring you tips on what to pack, what to wear, checking your bike is commute ready and what to do if you puncture on the way to work. 

Experts: Fran Whyte, Charline Jones

Friday 12 June, 13:00 - Women's specific issues

We know cycling is often a male-dominated environment, and while many tips are for all beginners, some issues related to female health are just that - female only. It means finding the right advice isn't always easy, until now. 

Our experts will be giving advice on cycling before and after pregnancy, menopause expectations and the impact on your cycling at different times of the month. The down-to-earth chat will feature embarrassing moments, overcoming painful issues and addressing fears so you will have the confidence to cycle anywhere, anytime. 

Experts: Fran Whyte, Alice McNiel, Lara Dunn, Charline Jones, Adel Tyson

Friday 19 June, 13:00 - Maintaining cycling as part of your lifestyle

Find out  how cycling can easily be a part of your lifestyle, and how to develop positive habits. What defines a 'cyclist'? What steps do I take next, and what kit should I hanker after to take things to the next level?

If you're not sure about how to keep your bike in good order, or how to find like-minded people near you then tune in as we talk about how to join a cycling club near you or to to find the right community on social media. And we'll talk about how you can reach out to others to inspire them too. 

Experts: Fran Whyte​, Jenny Box, Charline Jones

Find out more about our experts

Our experts are some of the most well-informed, fantastic personalities and in the world of cycling. You are invited to join them as they get deep and personal.

Fran Whyte

Fran Whyte

VeloVixen are one of the biggest names in women's cycling, Fran Whyte works for the company and is a cyclist through and through. Having raced for many years, she also moderates the VeloVixen Women's Cycling Chat page and tests kit purchases for the VeloVixen store. VeloVixen have been hand-picking the best cycling kit for women to sell through their online store for 8 years. From massive market dominators to small, one-man bands. They have even recently started creating their own kit, because it seemed a shame not to put into practice all that experience of what women really want and need for every type of bike ride. Find out more on TwitterInstagram and the VeloVixen website.

Adel Tyson-Bloor

Adel is a fitness expert with over 10 years of experience in personal coaching and high performance. She is a former athlete with national and world titles, she has competed and succeeded in Ironman and short course triathlon, endurance events such as 24-hour races and has excelled in many sporting professions. Find out more on TwitterInstagram and her website

Caz Nicklin

Award winning brand Cycle Chic was started by Caz Nicklin in 2008. Caz uses her bike to commute about town and take her daughter to nursery. She knows exactly what is needed for cyclists starting out who want to know what is necessary to wear for cycling comfort, but still want to stay stylish...or should we say chic? Caz is also the author of of The Girls' Bicycle Handbook. Find out more on Twitter and Instagram.

Charline Jones

Charline has over 10 years experience training as a professional cyclist and has been a coach in sport for 17 years. With a Commonwealth Silver medal under her belt, a Sports and Exercise Science degree, yoga teacher training and functional range conditioning qualifications as part of her knowledge. If there’s one thing Charline knows how to do, that’s get results and the easiest way to do this is to surround yourself with people who support you in your fitness journey. Her training sessions include exercises that promote strength, fat loss, stamina and mobility and she joins us as one of our fitness experts. Find out more on ​TwitterInstagram and her website.

Dalany Watkins

Delany got into cycling whilst living in London as a great way to save money, keep fit and socialise. In June 2015 she then started working for one of the leading professional cycling kit brands in the world, ASSOS and got involved with some racing on the track, through triathlon and also a couple of longer multi day events. In 2017 Delaney packed her bags and bikes, relocated to Italy and now works just across the border at their headquarters in southern Switzerland. Outside of work you’ll find her adventures out on the bike exploring the iconic mountain passes of Switzerland, the gravel roads of Tuscany and everything in between documented on her Instagram account. Find out more on the ASSOS website.

Jenny Box

Jenny is Head of Behaviour Change and Development for Cycling UK in England. She is also a leisure cyclist with a particular enthusiasm for cycling on holiday to explore new areas on two wheels. Closer to home, Jenny cycles to work and around London with friends. Jenny joined Cycling UK nearly two years ago after many years’ experience in roles focusing on increasing sports participation and engagement with volunteers. 
Jenny now leads a team of Cycling Development Officers working to help achieve Cycling UK’s mission of enabling a million more people to cycle through community programmes. With lots of debate online and in real life surrounding social distancing measures and what this means for cycling, Jenny is here to help answer the questions and provide advice on how cycling can keep going in 2020. Find out more on Twitter and Instagram.

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