Be part of the Challenge Ride Series 2018

Riders and friends on the Gridiron 100 organised by Wessex Cycling in the beautiful New Forest. Photo: Graham Brodie
Riders on the Gridiron 100 organised by Wessex Cycling in the beautiful New Forest
Riders on the Gridiron 100 organised by Wessex Cycling in the beautiful New Forest

Be part of the Challenge Ride Series 2018

Are you up for a challenge and a wonderful day out on your bike? The Challenge Ride Series 2018 is brought to you by Cycling UK Member Groups and is a fantastic way to explore the British countryside in like-minded company.

The 2018 Series will start on Sunday 25 March with Stevenage Cycling's Start of Summertime event, as well as Two Mills CTC's Early Season Challenge Ride in Chester, and finish on Sunday 28 October with their celebration of the end of summertime, Emitremmus Desrever.

In between those dates, there is a selection of longer distance and challenging rides up and down the UK. Run by our wonderful Member Group volunteers, they provide the chance to explore stunning scenery in like-minded company for a very reasonable price. 

Rides in the series are:

Sunday 25 March - Start of Summertime Special, Stevenage Cycling

(100 mile, 100km, 200km, 62km) 

Sunday 25 March - Early Season Challenge Ride, Two Mills (The Wirral)


Sunday 8 April - Devon Dirt Off-Road, Devon CTC


Sunday 13 May - Grand National/Between the Parks, Southampton CTC


Sunday 10 June- Ayrshire Challenge Ride, Cycle Ayrshire


Sunday 17 June - Bob Clift Memorial Cheshire Cycleway Rides 2018, Chester and North Wales CTC

(100 mile)

Sunday 24 June - Windmill Rides, Essex CTC

(100km, 210km)

Sunday 8 July - Lake District Challenge, Eden Valley CTC


Sunday 15 July - 25th Devon Delight, Devon CTC


Sunday 19 August - Tour of the Hills, West Surrey CTC


Sunday 26 Aug - Wild Wales Challenge, Merseyside CTC


Sunday 14 Oct - Gridiron 100, Wessex Cycling


Sunday 28 Oct - Emitremmus Desrever, Stevenage Cycling


Participants who successfully complete a Challenge Ride event will receive a branded certificate, medal and other merchandise, subject to availability. 

Keep an eye on this page, the UK Cycling Events Guide and our social media for full details of all the events and how to enter them.

What sort of rides are they?

These rides are not races but rather challenge rides in which you are only competing against the clock to see if you can finish by a certain time. With distances ranging from as little as 50km to around 100km. Note that many events may have more than one ride option available but only the distances listed above will count for the Challenge Ride medals and certificates. This year, we have introduced an off-road option, the Devon Dirt to the series. Cycling UK's Victoria Hazael tells us what riding in a Challenge Ride Series event is really like. 

There may be check points or controls you have to visit en route to get a 'brevet' card or similar stamped, whereas other events may comprise just a route sheet with instructions that you follow on your own or they could be a led ride - check with the organisers to see exactly how the event will be run and what is included. Most will have refreshment stops and tea, coffee and cake or biscuits available either free or for a small extra charge.

How much is it to enter?

All events are very affordable to enter, with most around just £6 to £8, up to a maximum of around £21 (tbc) for the flagship Wild Wales Challenge as this ride includes full route directions, electronic timing, showers and so on. Some are even free!

How to enter

Please register to take part in each event directly with the organisers, who will each have their own entry processes. Note that many events sell out very quickly whilst others you can enter on the day.


All enquiries regarding specific events should be directed to the organisers. For general enquiries regarding Cycling UK events and groups or the Challenge Ride Series, contact Julie Rand on 01483 238308 or email

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