All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group launches 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry

The Times campaign is 9 months old

All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group launches 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry

The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group (APPCG), a cross-party group of MPs and Peers with an interest in cycling, has launched its 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry into how to increase levels of cycling.

The inquiry, which is being funded by News International, will hear evidence from a range of stakeholders involved in promoting cycling and cycle safety. See CTC's written evidence. Oral evidence sessions will take place in January and February 2013. The APPCG's report - which will be drafted by leading transport academic Prof Phil Goodwin - is due to be published in mid-April 2013.

The launch of the inquiry coincided with the anniversary of the crash that left Times journalist Mary Bowers seriously injured. She remains minimally conscious in hospital.

The Times also documents the changes that have taken place since the 'Cities fit for cycling' campaign was launched in February 2012.

The eight point manifesto originally released by the Times called on government to take action to:

  • improve cycle safety by better regulation of lorries;
  • reduce speeds in residential areas to 20 mph;
  • tackle the 500 worst junctions;
  • audit cycling levels to gain a clearer understanding of risk;
  • reallocate £100m to build 'world class infrastructure';
  • bring private sector funding into provision of cycle schemes;
  • improve driver and cycle training;
  • employ a 'cycling commissioner' in all major cities.

On most of these points the Times suggests the Government has failed or not done very well.

 It is time to turn David Cameron’s commitment into a year-on-year budget so that when the cycling inquiry releases its findings they can be acted on quickly and efficiently. Every day that goes past without action is another day a rider could be seriously injured or killed. This is not a risk any of us wants to take."

Julian Huppert MP, APPCG Co-chair

The inquiry will build on the manifesto and will consider how to boost cycle use and improve cyclists' safety. CTC and Sustrans have played key roles in developing the inquiry's scope and structure. The timescales are as follows:

  • Deadline for submitting written evidence: 7th December 2012
  • Six oral evidence sessions: between 23rd January to 4th March 2013
  • Publication of APPCG report: 24th April 2013.
  • APPCG will then seek Parliamentary time to debate the report.

Julian Huppert MP has also tabled EDM 679 - 'Get Britain Cycling' - which calls on MPs from all parties to show their support for the aims of the inquiry. CTC has set up a page which will automatically locate your MP and allow you to send them an email asking them to sign up to the EDM. So far over 100 MPs have signed up.


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