Regional and Local Cycling UK

Cycling UK has representatives locally and nationally

Regional and Local Cycling UK

There are more than 200 Cycling UK Member Groups across the UK. They organise rides to suit all capabilities and provide the opportunity to cycle with others. They are all run by volunteers who give their time to share their love of cycling and their knowledge of their local area.

Cycling UK Local Groups

Most Member Groups have weekly rides and many also run events throughout the year.

As a Cycling UK member, you can ride with any Cycling UK group. Contact the Secretary to find out more about the kind of rides they do and whether or not they are suitable for you.

Alternatively, contact the Member Group Coordinator Julie Rand.

We also have large number of affiliated clubs and groups who join Cycling UK not only to support our campaigning and development work, but also for the insurance and other benefits of Cycling UK membership, such as a number of resources to help with the running of rides and events.