Third Place CTC Volunteer of the Year and Volunteer of the Year for the South West Region - Graham Farrington

Graham Farrington

Third Place CTC Volunteer of the Year and Volunteer of the Year for the South West Region - Graham Farrington

Graham Farrington is currently chairman of Cycle Somerset, a local leisure cycle club based in Taunton. He is a founding member, treasurer and volunteer with Taunton Bike Club, which runs cycle-based activities for 8 – 16-year-olds.

Graham is incredibly enthusiastic about cycling and its benefits, never missing an opportunity to promote the activity.  His calm manner and sense of humour is used to good effect. 

Over the years he has given up a huge amount of his own time to encourage and help others, whether they be new to cycling or seasoned expert, young or old. Graham is always willing to put his own needs or interests second to ensure that others enjoy themselves and their ride. It is this selflessness and his humility that has prompted this nomination.

As chairman of Cycle Somerset, Graham runs the club with a natural ease and places significant emphasis on recognising the contributions of other members. There is now always a little present and carefully worded card at the annual meal to thank those that have helped to keep the club running! He regularly volunteers as a ride leader and supports and encourages slower cyclists to keep going and not lose heart.

Graham is also a cycling instructor: he started as a way to fill some time once he retired. “The money will pay for a few bike bits without having to raid the housekeeping and I will be putting something back into cycling”.  

Somerset County Council soon realised what a great asset they had and a couple of hours of Bikeability cycle training every other week soon increased to the point where his wife complained he was out cycle training more than he was home! 

The result of this commitment is that Graham has, in the space of a few short years, trained far in excess of 2000 children for them.  Firmly believing that actions speak louder than words, he is also one of the few instructors that will, wherever possible, cycle to the training venue to reinforce the practicality of cycling as means of transport. 

Furthermore, Graham is the founding member and treasurer of Taunton Bike Club. Having helped start this initiative, it continues to grow and now has in excess of 50 members. Graham continues to offer his time and experience providing free Bikeability cycle training, and generally helping out with events and the Tuesday evening club night.  As treasurer, he keeps a firm eye on others' spending and a perspective on what can realistically be achieved each year.