Sarah Sharp

CTC Campaigning Achievement of the Year: Sarah Sharp

Sarah Sharp

CTC Campaigning Achievement of the Year (The Gordon Selway Memorial Award): Sarah Sharp (Chicycles).

Sarah Sharp has taken a leading role in the setting up and progress of Chicycle, a Chichester cycle campaign and cycling development group, and in setting up Chichester and District Cycle Forum, because she recognized a lack of cycle campaigning and cycling initiatives in Chichester.

Sarah’s energy, hard work and enthusiasm have engaged a large number of members of the community in cycling events, and her campaigning has achieved 3000 signatures on a 20’s plenty petition and the adoption of 20’s plenty as Chichester City Council policy.

Sarah has done a phenomenal amount of work in 2010, building Chicycle from nothing into not only an active and effective campaign group but also a community initiative, supporting local adults and children to build cycling into their lives, through projects such as led rides and public events. She is extending her engagement to include children from families without a cycling culture by setting up a Bike Club at a local primary school.

Sarah is an inspirational person who has decided to take responsibility for making Chichester a better place through cycling. Her productivity, creativity and ability to enthuse others are amazing.