Lyndon Bracewell

Lyndon Bracewell

Volunteer of the Year West Midlands: Lyndon Bracewell.

Lyndon has made a remarkable contribution to CTC in Worcester and Malvern. He has always been keen to get more members signed up nationally as well as cycling with CTC locally.

He has supported CTC as Chair of a very active local group, a Right to Ride representative and Tour Leader with CTC Holidays and Tours. Thanks to Lyndon and his fellow club members, CTC has a lively presence in the area; recruiting stands at key events, day, touring and evening rides and presentations and a continuing tradition of committed local campaigning.

He has also been very keen to encourage younger members who are our future through work in schools and organising rides for families and children.

He has also made very constructive contributions to the debate about the future of CTC and puts pressure on National Office to work effectively with the grass roots of cycling.