David Naylor

Volunteer of the Year for Wales: David Naylor

David Naylor

Volunteer of the Year for Wales: David Naylor.

David Naylor has committed to all aspects of cycling promotion in Wales. He has been active as a local Right to Ride representative and also as the secretary of the Gower Cycling Festival Committee. The first Festival in September 2010, which was endorsed and patronised by local rugby stars and politicians, was a resounding success.

David has regularly lobbied City and local councils in the area and attended a Swansea city transport group responsible for improving the cycling environment. The Swansea boulevard plan has also benefited from his experience and constructive input.

He has led rides for both Cycling UK and the Wheelrights group where he has also been active in sessions for adult non cyclists to teach them to ride.

With Sustrans he has led working groups to maintain and extend their network of cycling routes.

His demeanour is one of very likable professional who is tireless in his support of all matters that improve a cyclist's lot.