Malcolm Margolis

Malcolm Margolis

Volunteer of the Year for Yorkshire and the Humber, Malcolm Margolis.

The formation of Wheel Easy! (Harrogate’s CTC section), resulted from the inspiration and hard work of Malcolm Margolis. Where others had tried and failed to re-establish a regular cycling group in Harrogate (the birthplace of the CTC), Malcolm was incredibly successful. Wheel Easy! will celebrate its second anniversary in May 2008.

Forming Wheel Easy! was a natural thing for Malcolm, a committed environmentalist who combines this with a love of cycling. Malcolm realised that most clubs focused on cycling, whereas his approach came from the social value of maximising cycle use, to avoid environmental damage and encourage healthy exercise. Thanks to Malcolm’s hard work every Sunday up to 40 cyclists turn up for a selection of super-easy, short, medium and long rides.

Malcolm campaigns passionately to: Improve local cycling routes, work with the Council to run events, implement cycle plans, and encourage more non-cyclists to cycle.

Malcolm’s weekly articles ensure cycling gets regular press coverage. He updates the Wheel Easy! website with news, events, rides and route descriptions virtually every day. Malcolm has brought cycling and the environment to the fore in Harrogate and is always thinking of a new project and the next one is for new cyclists. 0-30 miles in three months!