Ben Garner

Volunteer of the Year for East of England, Ben Garner

Ben Garner

Volunteer of the Year for East of England, Ben Garner.

Ben Garner has had a long-term involvement in protecting and maintaining the rights of fellow cyclists. These include the continued use of Milton Keynes Bowl for use on Road, Off Road cycling and more importantly the training and development of young cyclists and their parents. The ‘MK Bowl’ was required for redevelopment.

The 5-kilometer stretch of road linking the M1 and Luton Airport (East Luton Coridoor) was to be built without a facility for cyclists until Ben intervened. Then he spent up to seven hours arguing our case in front of the local council barrister, before the government inspector told the council to go back and think again. The road opens in the summer of 2008 with a 1.5 metre cycle facility.

At present his involvement includes restructuring of Junction 12 of the M1, a planned three large roundabout junction, which is going to public inquiry shortly where Ben will be arguing for a separate cycle path away from the roundabouts. The Highways agency now communicates and consults with Ben from the start of projects in his capacity as Rights of Way representative.

Ben is also involved with the Multi Modular Studies for Cambridge, Huntingdon and London South Mids, as a member of a study group. A Sustrans Ranger and founder member of COGS (Cycle Organisation and groups in South Bedfordshire) which he ran workshops at schools, local markets and organised cycle rides.

Jim Brown collected the award in Belfast on behalf of Ben Garner.