Welna Bowden

Welna Bowden


Firstly, a huge thank you from me for electing me from 2010 – 2012 as a Trustee. It has been a steep learning curve! In the last three years, Cycling UK moved to charity status and being the overwhelming voice for cyclists in the UK. 

I was one of only two women on the Board of Trustees from 2010 to 2011 and the only female Trustee during 2012. I brought different perspectives to Cycling UK's decisions and broadened representation. 

During my term I kept in touch with members through emails and the Cycling UK Facebook page for the North West, which I have set up and which is regularly used by cycling groups and other Cycling UK members. Here we share news, events, experiences and interesting cycling articles.

I have a Masters degree in Human Resource Management and have supported Cycling UK with senior appointments. I also have an Advanced Diploma in Labour Law.

I work for the Local Government Association which is the national voice for local government, supporting local authorities to improve services, so I am well placed to encourage contact between local government on a national level and Cycling UK.

My cycling ​vision…

Is undoubtedly creating a safe cycling environment for all where cycling is a lifestyle choice (not just for recreation and fitness), like our Dutch neighbours. Cycling UK has strong support from ‘The Times’ cycling campaign and other cycling bodies to make this happen, so we need to build on the momentum.

I have been promoting equality within our cycling environment to make cycling accessible for women, disabled cyclists, minority group cyclists and young people, to name but a few. I have been promoting accessible cycling motions at the last two AGMs; both were carried.

Cycling ex​ploits

In the last three years, I've been cycling with several women’s groups in the North West apart from my own local club. In 2010, I completed the challenging Land’s End to John O’Groats bike ride covering 1,100 miles in 15 days. More recently, I cycled from Basel along the Rhine back to Rotterdam, using the wonderful EuroVelo 15 route. My husband and I covered more than 700 miles during the 13 days on our bikes. Which brings me to my family – my husband is a keen cyclist, doing both commuting to work, leisure cycling with me as well as club rides. Having full support at home for the North West Councillor role makes a big difference!