Martyn Bolt

Martyn Bolt

Martyn Bolt


My nomination as a Trustee of the Board is based on commitment & support for the Cycling UK core values of campaigning, touring, & camaraderie.

I have a proven success as a campaigner covering environmental, community and cycling issues.

I was involved in one of the few campaigns which actually stopped the development of a proposed motorway, and learned a lot about setting up and working with networks, lobbying government and gaining favourable media coverage for the campaign , which I have used ever since.

I set up a cyclist consultation forum in Kirklees which has been running for nearly 15 years ensuring riders got to meet officers & councillors.

I have been involved in developing new routes in Yorkshire,, one receiving a European award for excellence!Many have enjoyed the Way of the Roses route, which I am proud to have been involved with and with the support of my friend and former Cycling UK Trustee John Radford, rode from coast to coast on the first day it opened to the public.

But there is still much to do for cyclists, we still sadly see the number of casualties rise & if elected I would be wanting to see Cycling UK strengthen its campaigns at both national & local levels.

Cycling UK began working to ensure high quality accommodation for its members, the winged wheel being a prized badge to hold. I would like to see us doing that in the 21st century to ensure safe, secure and good value places recommended for cyclists.

As members of the oldest cycling organisation in the country we know the value of friendly rides, events suited to all levels of ability and as I enjoy everything from a Saturday café ride through to surviving LEL & PBP I want to see that opportunity offered to many more people from all communities who are finding the delights of cycling.

I worked for Cycling UK on the very successful “Cycle Champions” project, helping develop new initiatives. My role covered the area for which I now seek to be your representative and I worked with our local member groups; supported our flagship York rally, created the Scarborough Festival of Cycling & also worked and rode on challenge rides such as the Phil & Friends.

I have supported cyclists as a trustee of Cyclists Defence Fund, fighting for the legal rights of riders, and as Secretary of the famous Dave Rayner Fund, supporting promising young talent in the sport.

These require team work along with taking responsibility for decisions or projects and need the skills needed to run a national organisation in this modern age.

I have been a local councillor since 1997, held cabinet responsibility for highways & environmental services including cycling as Mayor of Kirklees I often promoted cycling by riding to engagements and events.

I was given a reference by former Cycling UK President Phil Liggett which says he would recommend me “for any position in cycling & sustainable transport”, I now seek your support to do that.