Gwenda Owen

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Gwenda Owen


Having worked and volunteered in the Third Sector in Wales for 30 years, and ridden a bike for a few more, I feel that I’m well placed to contribute towards the positive development of Cycling UK, both in Wales and throughout the UK.

My work has been varied and included: Refuge Support Worker, Specialist Legal Case Worker, and Project Leader. I currently work as Community Engagement Officer for the Ramblers, immediately prior to this I worked as Cycle Training Development Officer in Wales for Cycling UK.

As well as having diverse experience of working in the voluntary sector, I sat on the Management Committee for Welsh Women's Aid and Radnorshire Women's Aid in my twenties, and more recently on that of accessible cycling charity Pedal Power in Cardiff. I also studied Law as a mature student.

Whilst working for Cycling UK I established and maintained excellent working relationships with Local Authorities, Welsh Government officials, Cycling UK members and groups and other key stakeholders.  I sat on Welsh Government's Walking and Cycling Action Plan Steering Group and the Monitoring and Implementation Group, spoke at conferences and other stakeholder events, and organised a well-attended cycle training conference.

I have been able to maintain many of these contacts and would welcome the opportunity to work with CTC Cymru and the Board to further develop these relationships in order to strengthen Cycling UK in Wales both in terms of membership and influence.

Most importantly, I have a strong personal passion for cycling in all its forms.  I joined Cycling UK before I began working for them, but most of my cycling had been solitary or with family until I moved to Cardiff. I'm now working with others to strengthen and develop Cardiff CTC.

Working for Cycling UK allowed me to further develop an already strong interest in cycling. I gained great insight into the organisation, its history and its potential.

As my children are now adults, I have time to cycle more. As well as using the bike to commute, I’ve continued to attend the Welsh Festival of Cycling and I've just completed the IMBA Trans Cambrian Way. I attend the occasional RSF event, cycle every year in Majorca and have tried the velodrome, an audax and a few sportives. Cycle touring in Wales though remains the favourite.

I hope to have the opportunity to use my enthusiasm and commitment for Cycling UK and cycling to ensure that Cycling UK fulfils its role as the leading organisation for cyclists.