Registration Officer's/Membership Secretary's Toolkit

A Registration Officer or Membership Secretary helps keep track of who is part of your group

Registration Officer's/Membership Secretary's Toolkit

What are the tasks of a cycling group Registration Officer (or Membership Secretary)? Obviously, their main job is to keep track of everybody who rides regularly with the group or who could be considered a 'member'.

For affiliate groups, their duties may also include such things as keeping track of who has and hasn't paid their subscriptions (if any) and chasing up those who haven't done so. Note that anyone who handles data in this manner must be aware of the requirements of our Data Protection Policy. 

The duties of a Cycling UK Member Group Registration Officer are outlined below:

  • receive details on request of Cycling UK members who either live within certain postcode areas covered by the Member Group, or who have opted to be listed with that group;
  • must be aware of and adhere to our guidance on Data Protection and GDPR when handling, storing or using Cycling UK membership information;