Bradley Wiggins was injured in a crash with a van
Bradley Wiggins was injured in a crash with a van

Wiggins hospitalised in crash with van

Bradley Wiggins has broken ribs and suffered other, non-serious injuries, in a crash with a van in Wrightington, Lancashire, whilst out on a training ride. The driver offered the usual 'Sorry, mate I didn't see you,' excuse, as she hit Wiggins while exiting a petrol station.

The crash occurred on the A5209, Crow Orchard Road, very close to the junction with the M6, at around 6pm. This section of road carried over 12,000 motor vehicles a day in 2011, including 1,600 vans, but just a handful of cyclists.

According to the Telegraph, the driver of the van was heard to have said, "of all the people to hit, bloody Bradley Wiggins," after the crash.

The incident appears to be very similar to many of the crashes that involve cyclists - with a motor vehicle crossing the path of a cyclist and claiming 'not to have seen them'. It is exactly these sorts of crashes that CTC's Stop SMIDSY campaign aims to tackle.

Wiggins was on a Team Sky training ride at the time, with an escorting motor vehicle. Although he was admitted to hospital, his injuries are not thought to be serious. CTC hopes that he will be back on the bike, fully recovered, soon.

A Department for Transport analysis of cyclists' injuries found that two thirds of crashes involving adult cyclists were deemed by police to be the fault of drivers, with just one in five blamed solely on the cyclist.

Crashes like this are far too common and the reaction from drivers familiar - 'Sorry mate, I didn't see you'. It's time for the police to start treating incidents of bad driving seriously and for courts to keep bad drivers off the streets."

Chris Peck,
CTC Policy Coordinator

Last year saw a 16% increase in the number of serious injuries to cyclists, while cycling levels only rose by 1-2%, suggesting the risk of being injured while cycling rose considerably.

CTC has suggested that the deterioration in traffic policing may be in part responsible. Recent figures obtained by CTC have shown that there has been a 22% reduction in traffic police in Lancashire over the last 10 years, with just 155 traffic police covering 4,303 miles of road.

It has also been revealed that Shane Sutton, coach to the GB Cycling Team and one of the masterminds behind Britain's dominance of cycling on both track and road this year, has also been seriously injured in another cycling crash. Sutton was hit on the A6 in Levenshulme, Manchester  this morning. He was taken to hospital with bleeding on the brain.

Chris Peck