Police enforcement is the first stage in effective criminal justice
Police enforcement is the first stage in effective criminal justice

Tell your MP that the criminal justice system isn't working

For the last few years CTC's Stop SMIDSY project has recorded the inadequacies in the way the criminal justice system treats cyclists who have been involved in road crashes. CTC is now working with British Cycling and other organisations to call for a review of all aspects of the current system.

CTC is joining British Cycling to support the chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group Julian Huppert MP's Early Day Motion 407, which calls on the Ministry of Justice to review the way the criminal justice system operates.

The text of the Motion - which acts as a sort of parliamentary petition - allows the views of MPs to be registered. It explains some of the ways in which the system is failing cyclists and demands that a review takes place into every aspect of the criminal justice system.

That this House... calls on the Ministry of Justice to review carefully the evidence they have submitted and undertake a comprehensive review of each part of the criminal justice system, from crash investigation standards through to sentencing guidelines, to ensure that it is fairer for cyclists, pedestrians and other road users who are hurt or seriously injured on the country's roads.

Early Day Motion 407

How you can make a difference

Not all MPs can sign EDMs, but it is well worth writing to your MP asking them to sign up to the Motion or write to the Secretary of State for Justice, the Rt Hon Chris Grayling MP.

To find out who your MP is and automatically send them an email please use writetothem.com

We've not provided a draft letter, but please take the time to make your own feelings known, giving any examples you have feel particularly aggrieved about. You may wish to illustrate your letter with reference to some of the cases of injustice which CTC has been recording on our Stop SMIDSY site.

Case studies featured on the site include:

  • Tim Andrew, killed by lorry driver David Grogan, whose windscreen was smudged but received just an 18 month disqualification and 300 hours community service.
  • Peter Stubbs, a CTC member who was hit by Charlie Willbourne on the A20 in 2010. Two trials failed to reach a verdict in the case after the driver claimed she was blinded by the sun.
  • Robert Gregory, who was hit by an uninsured Martin Boulton on the A5 whilst he adjusted his car radio. Boulton received a 6 month suspended sentence, 200 hours community service, a 15 month ban and a £300 fine.


To find cases in your area, please click below:

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