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Driver is claiming against me - 1 Mar 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I’ve been in a traffic incident and would like to understand the potential consequences. It happened on an unregulated intersection. I was riding straight on and an oncoming driver was turning right. My bike is damaged, as is the car – his front bumper and left door. Luckily, a police car was passing by and stopped. I have a CAD number, the driver’s details, and a photo of his car showing the number plate. I don’t know what the police registered in their files.

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Slippery cycle path - 20 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I’m a member of Cycling UK and came off my bike while commuting to work. The bike slipped on moss-covered paving on a bike path as I moved aside for a jogger. I broke my left hip and did £400 worth of damage to the bike. Can I claim against the council?

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Compensation denied - 20 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I was thrown from my cycle by a pothole and suffered a fractured cheekbone and a damaged shoulder. I attempted to get compensation via the Cycling UK Incident Line but West Sussex Council were able to deny any responsibility as they could prove they satisfied ‘statutory requirements’. This was that the road was inspected every month and that the defect was noted and repaired within a month. One of the questions asked was: is the pothole deeper than three inches?

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Contributory negligence? - 20 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
In an ongoing case, a Cycling UK member sustained a brain injury when he was involved in a collision with a motorist who failed to give way at a roundabout. The insurance company admit negligence on behalf of their insured driver. They are, however, arguing that the injured cyclist was partly responsible for his injuries due to not wearing a cycle helmet. Paul Kitson explains why Slater & Gordon are resisting the contributory negligence claim.

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Tramline dangers - 20 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I was cycling in Edinburgh recently and came across a lot of new tram tracks in the city center. In places, the road design obliged me to cross them at a shallow angle. Knowing the risks, I crossed them as perpendicularly as I could and avoided any mishap. But I understand that there have been many incidents of cyclists falling on these tram tracks, breaking both bones and bikes. Had I fallen too, what recourse would I have? Is the council liable?

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Dogs on shared paths - 19 Jul 2016 - Cycle Magazine
What is the law regarding dogs on shared-use cycle/footpaths in the UK?

Cyclists dismount - 30 Jun 2016 - Cycle Magazine
Transport for London temporarily closed part of CS7 with a sign saying ‘cyclists dismount'. Cyclists nipping through without dismounting were given £50 fixed penalties. Do temporary notices saying ‘Cyclists dismount’ have legal status? Can the police fine cyclists who ignore them?

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Horse Sense - 10 May 2016 - Cycle Magazine
Could you give me guidance on the following: a cyclist is cycling along a country lane. He/she approaches a horserider from behind, going in the same direction. The cyclist gives no audible warning of his/her approach; the horse shies; and the rider falls and is injured. What is the legal responsibility, if any, of the cyclist?

Alcohol and cycling - 1 Apr 2015 - Cycle Magazine
The legal limit of alcohol in the blood whilst driving was reduced in Scotland from the beginning of December, prompting me to seek clarification regarding cycling and alcohol. What does the law say?

Handlebar fatigue - 1 Apr 2015 - Cycle Magazine
The handlebar of my husband's bike recently broke, causing him to fall. The bike was little used and well cared for. We had it from new and the manufacturer agreed to pay compensation, but we were concerned that it could have been a serious accident. We have since been told that metal fatigue is a common problem with handlebars and they should be changed every three years. Is that right?

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