Restoration problem - 23 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I have a 1982 Mercian, which had a Regina 5-speed freewheel and double chainwheel until 2010, when the block fell to bits. The rear dropouts were 122mm or thereabouts. I had the stays opened out by a frame builder to 130mm to take a modern wheel, which it did perfectly. However, the chainwheels will no longer line up satisfactorily with an 8-speed cassette. On the outer rear sprockets, the chain line is so far out that it eventually pulled a side plate off the chain.

Saddlebag support - 23 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
I’ve bought an anatomical saddle after years riding on Brooks leather ones. It is comfortable but lacks eyes under the seat to support a saddlebag. I want these bag loops.

Saddle repair - 20 Jan 2017 - Cycle Magazine
The rail on my old Brooks B17 has broken. I have a similarly broken Lepper Voyager. Is there anybody who could do a repair?

The Continental Top Contact Winter tyre is a foldable tyre with a micro-grip for when it gets cold and slippy. Cycling UK's Ian Taylor has been testing it for a few months to see how it performs as an alternative to studded tyres on a touring bike.

Choose the best cantilever brakes - group test - 2 Dec 2016 - Cycle Magazine
Despite the draw of discs, cantilevers remain popular for touring and cyclocross bikes. Technical Editor Richard Hallett reviews four.

Choose the best tubeless tyres - group test - 30 Nov 2016 - Cycle Magazine
Tubeless tyres for road bikes are becoming increasingly popular. Editor Dan Joyce tests four pairs

Winter road tyres group test - 21 Sep 2016 - Cycle Magazine
More durable tyres make sense at any time of year for club riding, commuting, audax riding, or training. Editor of Cycle magazine Dan Joyce tests four pairs

Better braking on an electric trike - 19 Jul 2016 - Cycle Magazine
I have a Batribike 20 tricycle but am struggling to apply the rear brake effectively due to tenosynovitis in my left hand. This rarely causes trouble, except that I now live halfway up a steep hill and need to brake my trike fairly forcibly. In the last month, I have ridden the trike a lot in Holland where I had no trouble at all. Have you any helpful ideas?

Narrow-wide chainring - 19 Jul 2016 - Cycle Magazine
What is mountain bike gearing with a narrow-wide chainring? I have not come across this phrase before. Can you explain it?

Five-speed turbo training - 19 Jul 2016 - Cycle Magazine
Can a five-speed hub be mounted in a turbo trainer? The attachment of the gear cable on this bike enters the hub parallel to the chainstay, not axially as in some three-speeds. Also, I want to repaint the frame of my Nigel Dean as some rust is now appearing after 30 years. Do you know of an affordable way of copying the Nigel Dean decals?

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