Rickshaw arriving into Southport as part of the Visit Project
Greg turning into Lord street, ready for another drop off

Southport Park and Ride CTC style

Visitors to Southport ditched the bus for a journey to remember, traveling into the town centre in style aboard a state of the art pedal-powered Rickshaw.

The Sefton and West Lancs Visit Project working in partnership with the CTC are looking at ways to support the visitor economy through sustainable travel.

The latest event, Rickshaw rides, was designed to raise awareness of the project as a whole, whilst also providing visitors to Southport a fun and unusual way to make their way into the town or just enjoy the sights and sounds of the seaside town.

The project teamed up with local North West enterprise Mudguard Tricycles to provide two striking 'Stormtrooper' Rickshaws for the day. Starting out from the Eco Centre passengers had the choice of 3 routes.

  • Drop off on Lord Street - direct alternative to the bus.

  • Victoria Park Loop - starting and finishing at the Eco Centre.

  • Marine Way Bridge and Marine Drive Loop - starting and finishing at the Eco Centre.

The first passengers, two couples on holiday from Derbyshire, set the wheels in motion at 10.30am, a constant stream of eager passengers remained throughout the day.

Such was the popularity, passengers were happy to wait up to 20 minutes for a Rickshaw to return in order to have a go, even though several buses had come and gone providing alternative transport into the town centre.

The event was delivered as a taster event in order to gauge public reaction to the idea of utilising Rickshaws on a more regular basis within Southport.

Each Rickshaw had been issued with a questionnaire, requesting information from the  passengers about the experience and their views on hosting the event on a more regular basis.

The written comments were extremely positive but the smiles, laughter and waving from both passengers and passers by spoke volumes, the day had been a resounding success.


Ross Adams