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Women ride the world; New year, same old problem; To catch a thief...;Help needed; Happy snaps; More than one draw a bike; A smart move; London Bike Show.
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Welcome to the first issue of CycleClips for 2013. Don’t forget you have until 15 February to send in your nominations for the CTC Voluntary Achievement Awards, which will be presented at the Annual Dinner in May.
Women ride the world
Whilst most of us were busy with Christmas and New Year festivities, one woman was celebrating an amazing achievement: on 21 December 2012, Juliana Buhring became the first  woman to cycle solo round the world, pending confirmation by Guinness World Records. Or was she? Some believe Annie Londonderry can lay claim to that honour. In 1895 she embarked on what ‘New York World’ described as “the most extraordinary journey ever undertaken by a woman”. Following a wager by two Boston businessmen to see if she could complete the trip in 15 months and come back $5,000 richer, she left her three small children behind and set off dressed as a man. In echoes of Juliana’s trip, she was also a novice rider and started with very little money. But both riders attracted sponsorship and support en route, although Juliana didn’t go to the lengths that Annie did of changing her original name of Kopchovsky to that of a water company!


New year, same old problem
It may be 2013 but cyclists throughout the country are facing a familiar challenge, caused by the deluges that fell in 2012. Last year was the second wettest on record and now potholes have begun to open up across the country, putting cyclists at risk. Over 100 reports of road defects a day are being sent to local authorities via CTC’s Fillthathole. You could help protect cyclists in your area by adding your own sightings to that number. But the news is not all bad: there are signs that car use is falling and young people are driving less. CTC’s Campaigns Director Roger Geffen takes a look back to CTC’s achievements in 2012 and examines what else this year has in store for cycle campaigning.


To catch a thief...
Many people receive new bikes for Christmas but can worry about getting them stolen. So what can be done to prevent bike theft? CTC has been helping Nesta, the UK’s innovation foundation, to try and find a solution. ‘Hands Off My Bike Challenge Prize’ is a competition open to any UK individual over 14 years of age or organisation which can come up with ground-breaking designs that can stop thieves in their tracks. The winning entry will be the one that stops a thief for the longest amount of time. The design’s environmental impact will also be taken into account. The winner will receive £50,000 in prize money and entries close on Friday 18 January.


Help needed
If you are a creative individual, you might also be interested in taking part in CTC’s new road safety campaign. We are looking for somebody to film and/or photograph cyclists whose lives have been turned upside down after a road traffic collision. Although there is no prize, this is a great opportunity for someone wanting to support CTC’s campaigns and develop their portfolio. If you can spare a day in January, contact Rhia Weston or phone 01483 238 321.


Happy snaps
Many cycle tourists want to capture on camera the places they ride through and the people they meet. But it's tricky when you factor in the difficulties of carrying suitable equipment while travelling by bike in remote terrain. The Luminous Landscape provides a comprehensive look at this subject and includes many tips on how to take breathtaking, professional quality shots such as this one.


More than one way to...draw a bike
More prosaic but nevertheless interesting images can be found in a book called simply 1057. But to what does the 1057 refer? It’s the number given to the bike lane symbol in the regulations for sign painters but many use their own variations. Author Phil Carter says: "Bikes haven’t changed much in almost 200 years; two wheels, a diamond frame, bars and a saddle. However, ask somebody to draw one and the permutations are endless. Some bizarre, some comical, but all completely charming.”


A smart move
Why did it take a Lancaster woman six days and eleven trips to ride the three-and-a-half miles from her old house to her new one? No, it’s not a cracker riddle but the way Debbie Mace decided to transport her belongings to her new abode. Using an eight-foot cycle trailer plus assorted other trailers, baby buggies and panniers, everything went by pedal power, including a lot of heavy furniture. Debbie told the Lancaster Guardian: “I was exhausted by the fourth day…. but it was a lot more fun and less stressful than moving the traditional way.”


London Bike Show
The London Bike Show takes place at ExCel from 17-20 January 2013. Whether road cycling, mountain biking, BMX, cycle cross, a family cycle at the weekend or commuting to work is your thing, you’ll find plenty to interest you. Amongst the events will be the IG London Nocturne, a series of indoor races featuring top riders from a variety of disciplines. CTC members can get an adult ticket for just £12 plus a booking fee using the code CTC1 LBCTC.



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