The bike or spares you no longer have a use for could be helping to fuel a local community project that restores bikes, salvages spares and provides a valuable training opportunity.
Elle and Karen from the Broken Spoke Coop in Oxford
Bike recycling centres help train people to repair their own bikes.

As the national cycling charity, Cycling UK wants to see more bicycles available to the public, more individuals skilled in maintenance and repair and otherwise unwanted materials put to good use.

We want to publicise projects where donated bikes and spare parts are given a new life whist providing employment, training and volunteering opportunities.

So, you have an old frame or a pile of random spares that you’ll never use... it seems a shame to throw them away... you would rather they were put to good use..."

Donating to a recycling project means that your spares could become part of a reconditioned bike that will provide transport and adventure to someone who is perhaps new to cycling and doesn’t have the money to invest in a new machine.

You’re also supporting a project which may help people learn about cycle maintenance whilst developing other life skills. It could be young people not in work or education, or prisoners. Down the line this leads to a bigger pool of trained mechanics to meet increasing demand as the popularity of cycling continues to grow.

Use Cycling UK's Bike Recycling Directory [1] to see what’s in your area and discover how you might be able to support them.