During one hour alone last night, 1,200 people signed an e-petition calling on the Prime Minister to implement the recommendations of the 'Get Britain Cycling' All Party Parliamentary report, which was released yesterday Wednesday 24 April.
Olympic Gold medalist Chris Boardman and The All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group launch the report

At the time of writing the number of signatories had topped 26,000. Reaching 100,000 signatures will guarantee a debate on the report's findings  in Westminster.

The petition was set up by The Times journalist Kaya Burgess, one of the driving forces behind the newspaper’s 'Cities Fit for Cycling [2]' campaign, set up after his friend and colleague Mary Bowers was left critically injured. Mary was in a collision with a lorry whilst cycling in London.

Launched yesterday in Parliament, the report was the result of the 'Get Britain Cycling' inquiry, chaired by a cross-party panel of MPs and peers.

The  report's recommendations echo calls made by CTC in its written and oral evidence to the inquiry earlier this year. CTC President Jon Snow and Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman were among the witnesses, together with other cycling and road safety pressure groups, local authorities, health professionals, police forces and academic experts.

Writing to all CTC members yesterday, Jon Snow, who gave evidence to the inquiry in March, arguing that the Government needed to do far, far more to improve conditions for cyclists.

He added: “This is the opportunity to start making the changes necessary". He called on all CTC members to take a couple of minutes to sign up to the HM Government e-petition [3] and make their voices heard.