Australia is not known for being a hotbed of utility cycling, but Mike Rubbo, a filmmaker based in Sydney, is trying to change the way Australians shop and CTC's Gavin Wood approves.
A fully loaded cargo bike

As part of my work for CTC's Cycle Logistics [2] project, I have just written to the larger multiple retailers (supermarkets to me and you), offering them the chance to play a part in helping to encourage more people to shop by bike.

We aim to help more people to use bikes as part of their everyday routine and to enable supermarkets and shops to provide cyclists with more welcoming facilities.

That is why I like Mike Rubbo's 10 minute film about shopping in Sydney. It shows just how easy and enjoyable shifting stuff by bike can be and how it boosts the economy too.

See video [3]

, like the UK, Australia has a long way to go before it reaches the level of cycling seen in the Netherlands.

However, it would be great to see this kind of cycling become more popular in the UK and I truly believe shopping by bike could breathe life back into our high streets.

Just imagine, towns and cities with streets are overflowing with bikes. Markets, supermarkets and the humble high street, all with full to busting bike racks. Bikes with panniers and baskets stuffed with shopping...

Sounds like an unobtainable ideal doesn't it? But if more people chose the bike as their default mode of transport for this kind of trip, it would become a reality. Urban space would be freed up, we'd have towns that were quieter, cleaner, and nicer places to live - who doesn't want that? I know I certainly do.