If you are a cycle commuter, or thinking about becoming one, you might be worried about insurance – for yourself and for your bike. And you might also wonder what happens if someone else is injured by your actions, for example a pedestrian stepping into your path.
Cycle commuter on a tow path
All Cycling UK members are covered by third party insurance

Don’t worry, Cycling UK can help get you covered with our unbeatable range of insurance products [1].

  • Third party insurance: this covers Cycling UK members for any damage or injury caused “whilst you are using your cycle for private and professional purposes, including business cycling. You will not be insured if you are specifically employed as a cyclist eg as a cyclist-messenger or a carrier cyclist.”
  • Legal claims advice: Cycling UK members also receive free legal advice and help from our specialist team of lawyers in the event of a claim for damages being made either by you or against you.  If you are not a Cycling UK member at the time of the incident, it is still worth contacting the Accident Claims Line for advice on 0844 736 8452 as you may still qualify for help, depending on the circumstances of the crash and on payment of a 5-year commuted membership fee, refundable from the amount of any damages awarded in your favour. Note that Third Party cover cannot be applied retrospectively.
  • Theft: the Cyclecover [2] insurance policy insures one or more cycles up to a total of £12,500 against theft and accidental damage, with 10% of the premium paid going to support our campaigning work.