Jole Rider is an education organisation and registered charity, making positive changes by directly affecting the lives of children through education programmes and bike maintenance projects.
Bikes4Africa from Jole rider

Jole Rider’s flagship programme, Bikes4Africa [2], delivers bikes to schools making the journey to education possible for thousands of children. Their latest venture will involve a British worker and volunteer going to Gambia to set up a workshop and teach bike maintenance skills to locals to ensure a sustainable project abroad as well.

The charity attracts great support from the police and recycling businesses who donate bikes to be refurbished. These bikes are then fixed up in-house or by their partner, HM Prisoner Services, and shipped to Africa in containers. This costs around £10 per bike so money has to be raised on top of the donations to ensure they get to their destination.

Businesses, such as CTC’s member shop Wiggle [3], donate returned or end-of-season stock to Jole Rider to raise money. So, every second Saturday of the month a bike jumble [4] is held in the village hall at Upper Seagry, Wiltshire. The event takes place from 10am to 1pm and supplies tea, coffee and cake and a wealth of goodies at heavily discounted rates. The Hall is packed full of brand new tyres, used and new bike parts, some refurbished vintage bikes, and boxes upon boxes of clothing. CTC Cycle Champion Anna Cipullo helped out there recently - find out [5]what she found there.

Jole Rider also provides books and education resources to offer children more opportunities to learn in Africa. Amongst other things, they lead trips to Africa to help change people's perspective of the country. I can’t think of a better way to get a bargain at the same time as helping a good cause. For more information, visit their website [6].