Older residents of Swindon find it’s never too late to start cycling.
Up ‘n’ Cycling in Swindon

Up ‘n’ Cycling is a six-week course in Swindon helping older people to start or return to cycling. Anna Cipullo, Swindon’s Cycling Development Officer, explains: “It’s held at the county ground athletics track, which is a good location as it's traffic-free and no pedestrians to negotiate with!”.  Anna linked up with a colleague at Swindon Council leisure services who was getting older people active through a variety of ways as cycling seemed the perfect activity. Beryl, a 73-year-old on the Up ‘n’ Cycling course, gained a lot of confidence from going round the track. “She was amazed at herself,” says Anna.

Up ‘n’ Cycling has proven very popular; and quite a number of people who are younger than the ‘older people’ age category expressed an interest, so Anna has broadened the age range. An ‘intermediate’ six-week course follows on from the beginner course for those who want to venture out beyond the athletics track, learning skills from Bikeability Level Two.

One participant on the said: “The course has been excellent. To learn to ride a bike for the first time in a few hours at the age of 63 was a wonderful achievement for me, all credit be given to staff for their skills and patience. Everyone on the course was friendly and helpful.”