More than 200 people attended the 2012 New Forest Cycling Rally. The event, for cyclists of all ages was at Avon Tyrell, the UK Youth Activity Centre. It is an ideal location in the New Forest, with superb facilities, easy access to delightful forest tracks, country parks and the seaside.
New Forest Rally 2012

Newcomers and regulars, families and those travelling from overseas, as well as groups such as the Chippenham Wheelers and the East Sussex CTC all gathered to take part in the Rally at the end of July.

Despite one of the wettest summers on record, remarkably the weather changed just in time to make the week of The New Forest Rally a very bright and sunny one.

From meetings with cheese and wine, a variety of rides on offer each day, trips out to local markets, the velodrome and the Isle of Wight, through to the final barbecue on the last night - it was non-stop, sunny fun!

One of the real strengths of the Rally must be the opportunities for youngsters who are able to take part in a wide range of activities on offer. By taking to their bikes and experiencing the quiet forest tracks and lanes around the site,  the Rally continues to offer an opportunity for the kindling of a potential lifetime enthusiasm for cycling.

The New Forest Rally is traditionally a relaxed occasion with rides being posted on a chalk board in the central anyone who is prepared to lead a ride or organise an activity.

Local maps and photographs are also available to be shared and enjoyed. 

The final night typified the feel of the event. There were proper barbecue stoves, a small bonfire,  children playing under the stars and adults chatting and sharing a few memories. A fittingly relaxed ending to a friendly, bike and activity filled week.

Sarah Walker
CTC Cycling Development Officer for Hampshire

There were many members during the week who pitched in to make the event the success it was, a proper team effort which will be revived at the event next year, no doubt!

For anyone who thinks they would like to take part in this event next year, the dates have been confirmed as Friday 26 July - Friday 2 August 2013.



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