The weather forecast was not good, but for those that ventured out on the community ride it was blustery but the sun shone
Leaving Victoria Park after a picnic lunch

The second London Borough of Islington Community Rides Bike Club ride got off to a good start, with 40 people attending.

A bad weather forecast put off some of the 80 who had booked on but they should have ventured out because despite it being blustery, the sun shone and it was a lovely day for cycling.

Bike Club runs family rides to encourage local people to explore the Borough on two wheels and to make them aware of cycle training that the Borough offers to young people and adults.

Anyone who is keen to start running their own community rides can get the necessary training and support at the Bike Club workshops to do this. The session on the same day as the ride was very well attended.

bike checking before setting off

We set off at 11 from Rosemary Gardens after all bikes had been checked by qualified mechanics and any needing attention were made safe.

I will be riding to Victoria Park with my daughter now I know a good cycling route. We were driving over with the bikes but it is so easy this way we can leave the car at home!

An inspired parent

The rides are very well organised, fully marshalled and suitable for all ages. The summer holidays encouraged local young people to join in with a healthy and enjoyable cycling activity on one of their days off.

Lunch in Victoria Park

We stopped off at Victoria Park for lunch before wending our way back to the start, where all riders gave feedback on the ride and got a Barclays goodie bag with useful things for cycling thing like local cycling maps and water bottles.

You can book your place on future rides here [2]. If you are interested in running your own community rides in Islington please contact David Shannon [3] for details of the Ride Leader workshops.

To find out more about Bike Club in London and how we can help cycling initiatives for young people please contact:

Frances Chaloner
London Bike Club Officer [4]
075 0006 9261