Dawson Centre Bike Club in Central Scotland is encouraging families who live in Falkirk to cycle more and learn how to fix up bikes.
Dawson Bike Club ride

Dawson Centre Bike Club has recently set up a family cycling project in Falkirk.  A group of local volunteers started up the project to encourage members of the community to take up cycling as an environmentally friendly and healthy activity.

The Bike Club  successfully applied to Cycling Scotland’s Cycle friendly and Sustainable Communities’ fund [2]. This has allowed them to set up their maintenance workshop, provide training for volunteers who have started delivering cycling activities, purchase spares and additional equipment and to run events.  

Falkirk Council has also provided mountain bikes for the volunteers leaders to use on rides.

Dawson Centre Bike Club have been supported by Bike Club and Recyle-a-bike to ensure volunteers are trained to deliver cycle training and cycle maintenance. 

The programme of activities they deliver includes:

• Bike maintenance workshop to enable completion of minor repairs and maintenance of bikes for members of local community

• Trained cycle ride leader volunteers able to run cycle events for the local community areas and schools

• Delivering community focused cycle maintenance and cycle skills events

• Running organised cycle rides

To find out more about Dawson Centre Bike Club, you can read Bike Club leader Mark Cameron's 2 online books outlining their journey from the initial idea  to their launch on the 23 June 2012.

Book 1 - First 6 months [3]

Book 2 - Opening  [4]

You can also follow Dawson Bike Club on Facebook [5].