Richard Dunnett set off from Greenwich in February 2012, along with several other competitors, to take part in the first World Cycle Racing Grand Tour. The winner, Mike Hall, finished several weeks ago but on Saturday 7 July 2012, Richard came home in second place.
Richard Dunnett on his epic voyage

Richard Dunnett averaged 140 miles a day through 22 countries and has raised between £1,500 and £2,000 for charity. He rode over 18,000 miles and is the third fastest circumnavigator by bike ever.

Most other riders dropped out but Sean Conway [2], who is currently in the Midlands, should complete his journey in the next day or so.

After a celebration ride in his home village of Occold, Suffolk, Richard [3] told his local news [4]:  “It was brilliant, a great turnout, a lot more people than we expected. It’s back to reality now, I’m looking for the next thing to do.”

The other riders are in The World Cycle Racing Grand Tour [5] can be tracked live [6], so you can follow their progress as they head back to the UK.

Well done Richard from everybody at CTC!