Parkwood Springs, the beautifully succesful mountain bike trail that CTC's Dan Cook has been instrumental in putting in place in Sheffield is running a visitor centre design competition, called VeloCity.
VeloCity Architecture logo

This Friday sees the judging of the competition, with me as part of the judging panel, alongside well-known faces including fashion designer Wayne Hemingway and MP Julian Huppert, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group, as well as specialist architects and designers

The competition, being run by TRADA - the Timber Building Association, has been open to UK university Architecture students, with a brief to design a mult-iuser cycle hub and venue that offers space and resources for commuters (park and ride your bike) and site visitors using the mountain bike trails, as well as secure bike parking, changing and showering facilities, space for associated community provision and a café.

Looking at the six short listed submissions from architectural students from universities across the UK, there is quite a spread and some innovative ideas, not only in timber construction, but also in user provision, space and environment.  As the building location is high above the city centre, the façade is also crucial as it will be seen from locations across much of Sheffield.

Bearing in mind that TRADA-linked buildings have been constructed at high profile mountain bike trail visitor centres like Coed y Brenin, there is good cause for cycling and riders to get excited about this offer. 

Of course, a design doesn’t mean that it will be built – there is a lot of funding yet to be confirmed, but it’s a good start and the winning entry has a good opportunity to be part of these submissions!

See more at the TRADA [2]website, and check back for an update when the winner is chosen.