15 April 2014
Cycling UK is running a women-only Trail Leader Award course at Young Bristol in June, so here's your chance to get on the right course, with the right Trainer - Sally Berry - and enjoy it from start to finish!
The Cycling UK Trail Leader course will put a smile on your face

Clear your diary for the 13-15 June and come with us to achieve your Trail Leader Award in Bristol.  It's a great venue, with lovely riding and the course will be shaped around your needs, experiences and future desires.  See where the Trail Leader course led previous participant Sharon Harrod [2].

Delivered throughout by one of our super experienced female Trainers Sally Berry [3], this course is guaranteed to be great fun as well as giving you valuable skills to put on your CV.

The  Cycling UK Women-only Trail Leader course [4] is now open for booking - there are lots of  great reasons [5] to choose Cycling UK.