Former World Champion racing driver Nigel Mansell recently presented Bike Club certificates to Andrew Omoding and Fatima, both members of The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities.
Nigel Mansell presents certificates to The Camden Society Bike Club Members

Andrew Omoding is not only a member of  The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities [2], he's also a key part of The Camden Society Triathlon [3] team, which has raised thousands of pounds to help other disabled young people.

Since joining The Camden Society Bike Club for All Abilities [2], Andrew has become a very powerful runner and cyclist.

He came over to Canary Wharf with fellow Bike Club Member Fatima to watch the Halfords Tour Series [4] and receive [5] Bike Club certificates from Nigel Mansell and met the UK Youth Cycling Team [6]. Neither Andrew nor Fatima had ever seen a bike race before and were very excited by the event.

Andrew’s cycling and running have come on so well that he has been able to competed for The Camden Society as one of the Triathlon Team [7] in the London Virgin Triathlon (11.08.30-31), [8] raising funds for The Camden Society’s Great Escape summer festival [9], an affordable week of activities and relaxation for disabled people. The team succeeded in raising [10] £2,339.