All touring/expedition cyclists have a tale to tell and your experiences can be invaluable to others thinking of doing your route. Why not write a blog and share it with us all?
Touring cyclists all have a tale to tell - what's yours?

Former CTC Touring Information Officer Mark Waters, having cycled extensively through many countries over the years,  started a cycle touring blog [2] before he left CTC. Now retired, he continues his two-wheeled travel all over the globe and updates the blog [2] to share some of his experiences  and wishes to encourage all touring/expedition cyclists to do the same.

There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained from other people's experiences so if you have blogged your latest cycling adventures, please let us know [3].

Mark and mother in a rickshaw in Beijing

Mark and his mum in a rickshaw in Beijing

Blog list

On the road again [4] Paul Smith's travelling from China to the UK, I've had a quick read of this one, and if you're looking for inspiration, Paul does a fantastic job!