Giving people in Swindon who never learned to cycle as children the chance to get pedalling

CTC Cycling Development Officer for Swindon Anna Cipullo explains how the scheme changes lives:

Cathy Williams joined the course age 61 as a complete beginner saying: “The opportunity as a child to ride a bike just never happened”. Later she sprained her ankle after hitting a pothole on one of our course routes, but despite the knock on her already fragile confidence, Cathy rejoined and is now a competent cyclist with her own new bike.

“You talked me into it, and I'm so glad you did,” Cathy wrote. “I turn up for cycling in a highly nervous state (not that you'd know) wondering what we will be doing today. It’s exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. I'm never going out on roads I tell myself. Yesterday it was virtually all on roads, quiet ones at that, but really good experience. Obviously odd little blips but I felt safe.”