Four wheeled downhill gravity biking is taking the UK by storm, and Bev Rimmer from the group Rough Riderz tells CTC all about this new hi-octane sport.
Dave Bower at Fort William
Dave Bower of Rough Riderz at Fort William

It's fast, it's furious and completely exhilarating. It's the adrenaline addict's perfect day out. Get strapped in and hold on tight as you hurtle round the corners and down the slopes of some of the UK's finest woodland trails.

Welcome to Rough Riderz, and the crazy world of four wheeled, downhill gravity bikes. These bikes have a custom-built frame, adjustable seat and footplate, off-road tyres, hydraulic brake system, and a safety harness system built into the seat and footplate.

Ever increasing in popularity, with a current excess of 220 members, Rough Riderz is an all-inclusive, fun-loving club whose mission statement is simply to promote integrated sport across the nation. The focus here is less on physical ability and more about encouraging people from all walks of life to dive into a new and exciting pastime.

Thanks to their excellent links with the Forestry Commission [1], they're a regular sight on the trails at Whinlatter [2] in the Lakes, 7 Stains Ae Forest [3] in Dumfries, the Forest of Dean [4] and even Fort William's [5] ultra-extreme "Off Beat Downhill" World Cup track!

Founder member and Club Secretary Phil Hall set up the club, as he wanted a fresh taste of adrenaline, since becoming paraplegic after a motorcycle crash back in 2003.

Their unique Taster Days, which give riders all-day access to some of the UK's best downhill trails, are as sought-after as ever: with their own van providing an accessible uplift service, and a club bike allowing newcomers to have a go, at a minimum cost to themselves.

Founder Phil Hall of Rough Riderz at Ae Forest in Dumfries


Full details of the club, bike specifications and Taster Day Scheme can be found on their website [6] or by following their  Facebook [7], and YouTube [8] channel, featuring photos and videos [9] showcasing their activities on various trails across the UK and abroad.

The group plans to build a more cost effective UK model [10]of these crazy four wheeled machines to make it more accessible for UK riders. For up to date information follow the group on twitter @RoughRiderzUK  [11] [12] [13]