In 2003, the Department for Transport funded the production of an informative, online resource on cycling to work. It was based on the findings of CTC's Benchmarking programme, which identified a number of local authority initiatives that were setting the 'benchmark' in this field.
Cycle commuter
Cycle commuter

The Cycling to Work [1] resource, which is now available (largely unrevised) as a document, includes:

  • An introduction to the Benchmarking process
  • Why cycle commuting should be encouraged
  • Advice on:
    • Company travel plans
    • Mobility management
    • Infrastructure for cycling employees (e.g. cycle parking, showers etc)
    • Provision of cycles (e.g. pool bikes, promotional initiatives)
  • Tips for cycle commuters, training, support and incentives
  • Case studies

It is still a good source of ideas for anyone interested in promoting cycling to work.